The Griffin Company's
license #738985.

Contact Information:
50 Main Street
P.O. Box 1690
Sutter Creek, CA 95685

Phone: (209) 267-1999
or 800-255-8124
Fax: (209) 267-1555

Real Estate Office:
Phone: (209) 267-1911
or (800) 255-8124


The Griffin Company turns apartment complexes and residential developments that have been neglected or damaged into profit-generating investments. Each refurbishing project presents its own set of challenges, ranging from replacing old materials and systems used in its construction to enhancing the appearance of the with new surfaces and landscaping. The objective is to deliver more efficient, durable, and attractive buildings to the property owner. With over thirty years of experience in construction Dennis E. Griffin, puts his skills to work in evaluating the best solutions and oversees a full-time staff of highly qualified, licensed contractors to complete the project.

The Griffin Company will bid on the refurbishment of any complex with five or more units.

To arrange for a consultation please call Dennis Griffin at The Griffin Company: